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    • Butterfly Valves

      Cast Iron Butterfly Valve IB ...

      $152.00        $160.00

      Cast Iron Butterfly Valve IB ...

      $162.00        $170.00

      Cast Iron Butterfly Valve IB ...

      $203.00        $214.00


      Butterfly valves

      Butterfly Valve regulates and isolates a Fluid flow between pipes. Butterflies are light winged, while butterfly valves have discs which are light flexible and economical , they are centered in the valve, they regulate the flow using their light features.

      The Advantages of Butterfly Valves

      The one quarter of a turn, opens and closes a valve quickly.
      The circular disc is light, which makes overall vales less weighted.
      They are reliable, long durable and needs less maintenance.
      It maintains a precise level of fluid pressure.
      They are available ranging from smaller to bigger sizes for all types of applications.

      The Applications of Butterfly Valves

      To maintain the vacuum in pipeline.
      In fire Services and in chemical industries.
      To regulate water flow, limited quantity of gas flow or steam flow.
      Agricultural filed water distribution system.
      Used in paper, plywood and leather industries.