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    • Gate Valves

      Forged Steel Gate Valve Size ...

      $209.00        $220.00

      Forged Steel Gate Valve Size ...

      $149.00        $157.00

      Cast Steel Gate Valve Size 4 ...

      $437.00        $460.00


      Gate Valves

      A gate is an aperture or a control which manages the flow of Fluids through pipes. Valve is an aperture or device which regulates flow , valves can have a regulating gate like feature they are termed as gate valves. The can regulate fluid flows.

      Advantages of Gate valves

      It Provides free flow and pressure level is also maintained.
      Gate valves are smaller in size and take less space.
      It Gives perfect sealing and no chances of leakage.
      The Opening and closing of the valve can be done smoothly.
      It is easy to operate and it has long durability.

      Applications of Gate Valves

      To control the flow of crude-oil in the oil refinery plant.
      In Industries to stop or delay the gases, steams etc.
      In domestic piping applications.
      It is Used in the gas industry.
      In Pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry.
      It can be used At water Reservoir distribution.