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      Assortments mean wide variety , which means diversity too. Assortment of components shows that www.inventorygain.com can cater to diverse set of Industries, customers and provide diverse varieties of Mechanical components.

      There are various Machine Precision Components under Assortments Category. Let us take An Example of Brass Nut and see the functionality of it.

      About The Concept Of Brass Nuts

      A ‘Brass Nut’ is a common type of ‘Fastener’ with a circular internal threaded hole. The Brass nut is always used in conjunction with an exact mating bolt.

      The ‘Brass Nuts’ is a soft metal alloy made up of Copper and Zinc, so that there are more likely chances of slipping the nuts due to vibration or rotation movements. In such a situations brass lock washers or lock wire washers or split pins (safety pins) are used in between the nut and bolt.

      One of the best features of brass nuts is that they are available in various types such as Square, hexagonal, rhombus with their brass bolts.

      Brass though it is a soft metal, the brass nuts harness can achieve by varying the proportions of copper and zinc the properties of the brass can be changed. 

      The Applications of Brass Nuts are

      In some Electrical connections.

      In Musical Instruments such as ‘Guitar.’

      At sanitary installation work.

      In Air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

      Used in all Light and Medium duty fixing in building Industry.

      In Fancy fittings such as doors and windows handle.

      Some Plumbing fittings.

      The Advantages of Brass Nuts are

      Brass nuts have retarded corrosion.

      Brass nuts are made harder by varying the composition of copper and Zinc.

      The surface treatment is possible.

      It has good wear resistance.

      It has an antimagnetic property totally

      The Brass Spindle

      The “Brass Spindle” is a part of the water tap used in controlling the flow rate of water. The spindle is a device which acts similar to the ‘Valve’, such as opening and closing of water flow. The Brass spindle is consists of a small valve placed at the bottom and the ‘Washer’ is placed at the end of the spindle over the hole through which water flows. As the tap handle is turned on and off it moves the washer up or down to regulate the flow of water.

      The brass spindle is light-weighted and corrosion less because of this advantage; it is more preferred over the valves in ‘Plumbing’ and industry for connecting to galvanize ‘Steel Pipes’ and iron pipes. The body surface of the rotating spindle, which connects the inner body of a valve, must be sealed, but slidable engagement with the wall of the bore in which the spindle rotates, around the total circumference of the bore.

      Thus, it has been recommended to provide a smoother material sealing surface, such as a rubber O-ring by which a better seal. 

      The Brass Spindle has many Features; some of them are

      Ease of installation.

      Higher mechanical strength.

      Greater Impact resistant.

      Heat and temperature tolerance.

      Accurate or precise dimension.

      The Applications of Brass Spindles are

      Mostly in household taps and industrial taps.

      In LPG gas stoves and cylinders.

      In Marine pipeline systems. 

      Perfect for agricultural and indoor farming.

      In food and Beverage industries.