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    • End Mill Cutters


      End Mill Cutters

      End Mill cutter can cut in all directions and is flexible compared to a drill bit, it is classified based on its geometry and application,It is a type of cutting tool. It is a cutting tool used in milling operations,which means it can cut in many directions and that is the key difference between a drill bit and end mill.

      An ‘End Mill Cutter’ is a ‘Cutting Tool’ commonly used in ‘Industrial Milling’ applications regularly used in machining centers to carry out milling operations and sometimes in other machine tools. An End Mill Cutters can be used to cut in all directions; however, some cannot cut axially.

      In this cutting process, Metal removal is carried out by feeding a material piece into a rotating cutter, thus removing stock & gives the desired shape to a wide variety of material pieces. The End Mill Cutters has cutting teeth on both sides and end of the mill.

      End Mill Cutters are commonly used in applications such as Shape milling, Face milling, Profile milling, plunging and Tracer milling. End mills come in different shapes. The most common is ‘Ball End Mills’ and ‘Flat End Mills.’ 

      In ‘Ball End Mills’ the miller will leave smaller scallop remarks for the same step over value on flat areas or sloped areas. The ‘Flat End Mills’ will cut flat areas with no scallop remark. Though, they leave a terrace-like scallop remark on non-flat surfaces.

      An End Mill Cutter is used for specific application needs; they are manufactured with different length, Flutes, materials, diameters, designs, coatings, etc. 

      The commonly used End Mill Cutter designs include

      1. Corner Rounding End Mills

      2. Square End Mills

      3. Ball End Mills

      4. Finishing End Mills

      5. Roughing End Mills 

      Advantages Of the End Mill Cutters

      They have sharp cutting teeth one end or both ends.
      Milling cutters are simple to install and replace.
      The Various types and sizes are available for the type of cut, depth of cut.
      It is Available in single point and multi-point designs.
      It can be flexibly used to cut in all directions as per the design need.

      Applications of End Mill Cutters

      It is Mostly used in industrial milling applications.
      It is Used in metal design and fabrication.
      In cutting metal slots and Die Sinking.
      For metal surfaces contouring and face milling.