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      CLMPPING STUD SECS-16-150 M1 ...

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      CLMPPING STUD SECS-16-200 M1 ...

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      CLMPPING STUD SECS-16-100 M1 ...

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      Clamping Stud

      The ‘Clamping Stud’ with the slot is the high-strength general purpose that is meant to hold workpieces directly and is generally used with ‘T-Nuts’. They are hardened and tempered with a black oxide touch. The clamping stud offers a high-tensile strength, thus increasing its durability; a ‘T-slot’ on its surface makes it easier for fastening.

      Available in steel with thread sizes 1/4''-20'' to 1"-8'' (M6 to M20 in metric), and in stainless steel with thread sizes 3/8''-16'' to 5/8''-11'', each in a wide choice of lengths. This Clamping stud is manufactured in various models that support different lengths and thread sizes. This Clamping stud has a slot surface and has an arrangement for tightening and loosening with the help of a regular ‘Spanner’.

      The Features of the Clamping Stud

      1. Has greater strength in holding workpiece.

      2. Rolled threads give the firm grip in holding the pieces.

      3. Finish-Black oxidized for rust-resistant.

      4. Dimensional accuracy.

      The Applications of the Clamping stud

      1. In fastening a vice to the milling table.

      2. Hydraulic equipment.

      3. Jig fixtures and adaptors.

      4. In assorted setting elements.

      5. For holding workpiece together.