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      Electric Drills

      An ‘Electric Drill’ is a kind of handheld Power Tool driven by an ‘Electric Motor’ which is commonly known as ‘Drill Machine.’ The drilling machine is fitted with a cutting tool attached to the end of the chuck. 

      A cutting tool is generally a ‘Drill Bit’ made of ‘Tungsten Carbide’ or ‘High-Carbon Steel’ usually used for boring holes in various materials and sometimes the edges of a cutting tool does the work of cutting into the target material. A drilling tool is also sometimes used to drive the fasteners using the driver bit.

      The electric drills are available depending on their performance features, such as power and Capacity. 

      There are several types of Electric drill available in the market.

      1. Hammer drill.

      2. Pistol Grip.

      3. Cordless drills.

      4. Drill Press.

      The Electric Drill is the most versatile and popular of all the power tools and almost home toolkits will have one. Now a day’s modern drill tools are available with a keyless chuck. A Drilling capacity is a max diameter an electric drill can produce in a specific material. Typically, for certain materials the capacity varies, such as 10mm-13mm in steel, 25mm for wood, etc. 

      The Features of Electric Drill are

      1. Almost every drill has the max rotation speed of 2600 to 3,000 RPMs.

      2. Drill rotates clockwise when drilling and anti-clockwise while removing back.

      3. Available in both keyed and keyless chuck.

      4. Variable speed allows the user to control the drill speed according to the required.

      The Applications of Electric Drill are

      1. For boring holes in various materials.

      2. In woodworking and metal working.

      3. Construction and masonry work.

      4. Installation of electrical boxes into a brick wall.

      5. In carpentry works and metal furniture fixings. 

      6. For screwing and fastening using driving bit.