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    • Electric Chain Saws

      Electric Chain Saw HS1031 ...

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      Electric Chain Saws

      An Electric ‘Chain-Saw’ is a kind of ‘Power Tool’ ‘Mechanical Saw’ basically cuts with a set sharp-edged tooth attached to a rotating chain that runs along a long guide bar. They are specially designed for the activities such as tree cutting, pruning, and much more cutting work.

      The Chainsaw which is similar to the bicycle chain features a small sharp-edged cutting tooth fitted in each segment of the chain. The cutting teeth are made of ‘Chromium’ plated steel with a sharp corner, is fitted on the top plate and on the side plate.

      The Some of the Parts of the Chainsaw are

      Engine: It is usually powered by an Electric motor driven by electricity; this electrically influenced carburetor that makes all adjustments automatically.  

      Guide Bar: This is an elongated bar normally with length 40cm to 90cm where the chain-saw runs along the bar.

      Gauge: The lower part if the chain runs through the gauge, where the lubrication oil is pulled along the chain, this helps in the smooth working of a chain.

      Oil Holes: These holes are present on either side of the saw power head; that is matched to the oil pump to pump the oil from the hole throughout the chain.

      Grease Holes: Through this, the grease is released when it is pressed against to keep the nose sprocket well lubricated.

      The Some of the Safety Features are

      1.The chain brake in the clutch cover stops the chain from running within milliseconds.

      2.Chain catcher in the clutch cover is like a hook (made of aluminium) which catch/stops the chain when it derails from the bar.

      3.The Back handle-guard in the chainsaw protects the hand of the user when the chain derails.

      4.The Vibration is absorbed by foam handles, bushing, and springs. 

      5.Smooth operation of a chainsaw is ensured by continuous automatic bar oiling.

      The Some of the Applications are

      1. In cutting, pruning and limbing of trees.

      2. Specialized saws are also used in cutting concrete wall.

      3. In cutting big ice cubes.

      4. In construction sites for cutting stones and bricks.

      5. In sawing works in the garden, agricultural fields or cutting firewood.

      6. It is designed to do light cutting in green wood.