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      Marble Cutters

      A ‘Marble Cutter’ is a popular masonry ‘Power Tool’ mainly used for cutting marble. This a portable tool with a powerful motor that works under the normal household power supply. It consists of a handle to hold the machine; blade guards the user against the fast moving blades and adjustable plate for adjusting the cutting blade according to the thickness of the workpiece.  

      The important part of the marble cutter is the cutting blade which should be hard and tough enough to cut through any hard stone. The most economical blade is a marble ‘Diamond-Carbide’ blade that has an electroplated design, which guarantees that the marble can be cut smoothly without vibration, without chipping or ripping of the material.

      To have an increased cutting blade life, it is recommended to use the cooling water with required pressure where the materials, as well as the blade, don’t get heated up.

      The Advantages Of Marble Cutter

      1. It is portable and easy to carry.

      2. Works under the normal household power supply.

      3. Fast chip-free cutting with max cutting depth of 45mm.

      4. Cut smoother and best finishing job.

      5. Easy to handle and work with protective guards.

      The Applications Of The Marble Cutter

      1. In cutting tiles and ceramic items.

      2. For cutting marble, Granites.

      3. In masonry works cutting brick wall and small wood.

      4. In wood and aluminium furniture works