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      Circular Saw

      A ‘Circular Saw’ is a ‘Power-Saw Tool’ that has a toothed blade that is edged with sharp metal teeth or abrasive disc to cut various materials that run in a circular motion spinning around an axle. The different cutting blades are available that fits the saw that is capable of cutting steel, wood, masonry & ceramic tile. 

      The Circular saw has a powerful Universal motor in it that runs on electricity, enabling the work to be completed in less time. They are specially designed to make specific cuts for specific material & in cutting wooden materials they are specifically customized for making rip-cuts, crosscuts or a combination of both. 

      In carpentry works, the term ‘Circular Saw’ precisely refers to the handheld type. They make the cut quicker, accurate & straight cuts along the length of the material-piece. It can also be set to bevel cuts. A ‘Ring Saw’ & ‘Hole Saw’ also operate in rotary motion but vary from a circular saw.

      Some of the Common forms of Circular Saw are

      1. Table Saw

      2. Chop Saw

      The Standard Components used in a Saw are

      1. Blade Adjustment: Here settings can be done on the blade to cut as per the material thickness required.

      2. Blade Guard: This covers the blade as well as the hand of the user during running & when not in use.

      3. Foot Plate: This plate prevents the vibration & balances the saw during cutting.

      4. Bevel Adjustment: It lets the foot plate to tilt while making bevel cuts.

      The Features Are

      1. Has sufficient grip to handle the saw.

      2. Trigger button to control speed or to stop the saw from running.

      3. Low weight.

      4. Easy blade adjustment according to the thickness of a material.

      5. Clear visibility & accurate cutting of the workpiece.

      6. Safety guard against the rotating blade.

      The Applications:

      1. In construction works such as Cutting of concrete, tiles, brick, stone.

      2. In cutting trees.

      3. In carpentry works.

      4. In metal and steel cutting.

      5. In cutting timber, wood and tree log.