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      Electric Blower HS5002 ...

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      Electric Blowers

      An ‘Electric Blower’ is a kind of ‘Power Tool’ that drives out the powerful air, which gushes out of a nozzle to stroke out the dust particles. They are easily handheld or backpack mounted units with a handheld wand because of its low weight.

      Some of the electric blowers are powered by a battery that is cordless, but some of them are powered by long power cable connected to the electric supply. This is one of the most common tools used in every household chore such as in gardening to blow the leaves and dried cut grasses, so the tool is also known as ‘Leaf Blower.’  

      The available styles are

      1. Handheld

      2. Corded (Electric Operated)

      3. Cordless (Battery Operated)

      The finest handheld electric blowers sweep, loosen leaves which they suck via a vacuum, & shred them into a bag. In that case, it is called ‘Blower Vac’ and it comes with attachments like vacuum attachment or a mulcher.

      The Advantages of Electric Blowers

      1. Less noisy.

      2. Low weight.

      3. No Pollution.

      4. Lower prices.

      5. High Velocity & High Volume air output.

      6. Approved by CPSC, OPEI, ANSI, CSA, NSC, IEC, UL, or some other such safety association.

      The Applications of Electric Blowers

      1. Used as a blower in sweeping loosen leaves & dry grasses.

      2. In blowing dust in air conditioner, Computer CPU, Electric panel,

      3. Fallen leaves and other and driveway debris.

      4. In Automobile & General Engineering Industry.

      5. Blowing out the dust after drilling a wall, cutting a wood or metal. 

      6. In general home cleaning.