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    • Electric Jack Hammer

      Demolition hammer HS1811 ...

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      Electric Jack Hammer

      A ‘Demolition Hammer’ is an ‘Electromechanical’ Power Tool that connects a solid hammer directly with the chisel. They have also known as handheld ‘Jack Hammer’ that are generally powered by electric motors or powered by compressed air. 

      The smaller demolition hammer tool is powered by electricity to drive the motor that delivers the hammering action by using a piston mechanism making it an ideal indoor use. 

      Higher powered demolition hammers, such as rig mounted hammers used on construction sites are normally ‘Hydraulic Powered’ usually used for breaking concrete roofs, pavement & large rocks. 

      A Demolition Hammer working is simple, as it is operated by an internal mechanism that drives the hammer up and down. Primarily the hammer is driven down to strike the material and then back up to return the original position to repeat the cycle.

      The effectiveness of the tool depends on how many forces are applied to the tool. Inappropriate usage of the demolition tool can cause serious damage to you and to the property.

      The General Features are

      1. Comfortable handling due to a straight handle.

      2. Dustproof for better & longer life.

      3. The Powerful motor gives high impact force & a better chisel performance.

      4. Vibration absorbing handles for comfortable operation.

      5. Reduced backward pushing pressure due to the improved mechanism.

      The Applications are

      1. For breaking with large concrete walls.

      2. To break the hard rock surface in construction works.

      3. Some smallest jobs like chipping loose mortar, chipping ceramic tiles, masonry works, and loose concrete.

      4. Heavy duty hammers are used for the wall & floor breaking.

      5. A roof, breaking, digging and trenching, pavement and asphalt break