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    • Rotary Hammers

      Rotary Hammer 22MM ...

      $157.00        $192.00

      Rotary Hamme 20MM ...

      $137.00        $167.00

      Rotary Hammer 24MM ...

      $164.00        $200.00

      Rotary Hammer 26mm ...

      $178.00        $217.00


      Rotary Hammers

      The ‘Rotary Hammer’ is a kind of ‘Power Tool’ also called as ‘Combi-Drills’ where the Drillbit is pounded in & out while the chuck is rotating. The hammering action is done by the use of a special Piston mechanism instead of a Clutch. A Piston delivers a powerful hammer punch on the surface, making deeper and bigger holes at faster rates. 

      A ‘Rotary Hammer tool’ uses a special Drillbit that delivers such an adequate hammer force that a normal masonry bit can’t. The Rotary hammer blows up to 10 times faster in the wall or concrete, depending on the drill bit size. In short, it is more durable than hammer drills.

      Rotary Hammer requires extra-solid slotted drive chucks system or ‘Slotted Drive Shank’ (SDS) chuck and bit, or for the bigger SDS Plus, SDS MAX, or SDS spline chuck and bit, so that the bit can quickly transfer the blowing force of the ‘electro-pneumatic’ hammering action to the working surface.

      The Rotary hammer is available in both corded (Electric powered) and cordless (Battery powered). There are three robust rotary hammer models, which operate in

      1. Hammer.

      2. Drill.

      3. Hammer-and-Drill.

      Rotary Hammer operates more efficiently and is comparatively more expensive than hammer drills. Their bit typically ranges in size from 7/8 inch up to 2 1/2 inch breaker hammers or higher. Unlike another tool the rotary hammer quietly operates at lower RPM, but tender faster drilling rate. 

      The Advantages Of The Rotary Hammer are

      1. They are available in both Vertical & Horizontal rotary hammers.

      2. The power rating ranges from 450-2000 watts for various hammering activities.

      3. The peripheral handle with the grooved grip provides max control & comfort.

      4. A Speed of the rotary hammer can be controlled by speed switching controller.

      5. Anti-vibration system helps in handling tool & work properly.

      The Applications Of The Rotary Hammer are

      1. In the Masonry works.

      2. In the Construction works.

      3. In the Demolition activities.

      4. In Drilling the holes in woods, metals, walls.

      5. In the breaking off-chip concrete and big rocks.

      6. In placing of pins, anchor bolts, and dowels in plumbing activities.