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      Impact Drill 13mm 550W ...

      $67.00        $82.00

      Impact Drill 13MM 650W ...

      $69.00        $84.00

      Impact Drill 13MM 750W ...

      $75.00        $92.00

      Impact Drill 13MM HS1005 ...

      $85.00        $104.00

      Impact Drill 13MM HS1006 ...

      $103.00        $126.00

      Impact Drill 16mm 1050w ...

      $134.00        $163.00

      Impact Drill 13mm 710W ...

      $75.00        $92.00

      Impact Drill 13mm 950W ...

      $123.00        $150.00


      Drill Tools

      A ‘Drill’ is a tool fitted with a rotating ‘Cutting Tool’ that is attached to a ‘Power Tool.’ The drill bit, usually a ‘High-Speed steel’ is used in Power Drill Tool for making or boring holes in various materials such as metals, walls, wood or fastening various metals together. 

      The Drillbit is gripped by attaching it to a chuck, which in turn is attached to the drill collar of a power tool. A power tool chuck rotates at certain RPM (Revolutions per Minute) usually ranging between 200 RPM to 2000 RPM, while pressing the drill bit against the material. They are called as ‘Power Drilling Tool’ because the tool is powered by the Electrical motor rotating at a constant speed.

      The Power Drill tool has the following Parts

      1. The Handle

      2. An On/Off trigger button with a safety latch.

      3. Reversing switch for changing the rotation direction of the drill bit.

      4. Torque adjustment.

      5. The chuck that grips the drill bit in a place.

      Normally the Corded drills are powered by electrical cord switched into an electrical switch and while another one is cordless/wireless are powered by a battery in drill’s handle. The Power Drill tool also is known as ‘Impact Drill’ that produces effects like a hammering action along with the usual rotation of the chuck.

      The Some of the Advantages of the Power Drill Tools are

      1. High-speed, many time-consuming tasks can be completed with the use of a drill tool. 

      2. By using a drill driver (Screwdriver shaped) will allow one to drive larger screws into tougher materials. 

      3. The different tasks can be completed in less time.

      4. It bores the holes cleanly without damaging the material.

      5. The Tool is powered by Electricity and no manual drilling is required.

      The Some of the Applications of the Power Drill Tools are

      1. In woodworking.

      2. Metalworking.

      3. Construction. 

      4. In fastening screws by using a screwdriver bit/tip.

      5. Specially designed drills are also used in the medical field, space mission applications, etc.