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      Flange Nuts

      A ‘Flange Nut’ is a type of ‘Fastener’ that has a wide ‘Flange’ base attached or a ‘Washer-like’ base to distribute the load pressure of the nut over a uniform surface area and ensure the joint of the fastener. The Flange Nut is usually in a hexagonal shape, commonly used in setting up assembly lines where work is speeded by using a single fastener instead of a Nut and washer

      The attached flange at one end of a nut acts as a unified and non-rotatable washer. These are special kind of fasteners that circulate the pressure of the nut over the part being secured, minimizing the damage to the part making it less likely to loosen as a result of an irregular fastening surface.

      Some flange nut may be serrated to provide a better locking activity. The serrations are angled at certain positions such that they keep the nut locked and prevent it from rotating in the direction that would loosen the nut. The serrations on the nut must be used on a plain surface and not on the irregular surfaces.

      Some Advantages of the Flange Nuts are

      1. Needs a greater amount of torque to loosen than to tighten the flange nut.

      2. Enlarged flange base circulates heavy pressure evenly giving a secure hold.

      3  There is no need of the additional washer to fasten the nut.

      4. Reduce the bearing stress on the joint.

      5. It acts as a locking nut by overcoming the vibrations. 

      The Applications of the Flange Nuts are

      1. Assembling of Automotive parts. 

      2. In Marine applications.

      3. In assembling of Industrial equipment or parts.

      4. In joining metal sheets or metal parts.

      5. Heavy industrial Applications.