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      Long Nut

      A ‘Long Nut’ is a type of threaded ‘Fastener’ used for joining two bolts or two male threads, most commonly the ‘Threaded Rod’, but also to join two pipes. The Long Nut is basically a hexagonal structure so that it can be easily held in the wrench. Long nuts length varies from 3mm to 20mm clearly giving a firm grip to the threaded rods.
      The Long nuts are also called as ‘Coupling Nuts’ or ‘Extension Nuts.’

      The Varieties of Long Nuts are

      1. Sight Hole Long Nuts: The sight hole in the nut shows the amount of engagement the threaded bolt into the nut.
      2. Reducing Long Nuts: It is for joining two different sizes thread Bolts.
      3. Left-handed Long Nuts: These are used to join long rod assemblies from shorter lengths of Rods.

      A ‘Long Nut’ consists of finely gripped inner threads that thoroughly clamps the two threaded rods or bolts into it that overcomes the compressive stress in the two mating threads and a tensile strength in the long nut. They are available in various materials such as Stainless Steel, Brass, and Aluminium. It gives a smooth plain finish that is either manufactured by using a method of ‘Hot Rolled’ or ‘Cold Drawn’ depending upon the type of material used in manufacturing.

      The Features of the Long-Nut are

      1. With high dimensional accuracy.
      2. Perfect grip and supreme strength.
      3. Greater enduring performance.
      4. It has a Black Oxide finish.
      5. Fully engagement of the threads can be easily verified through a small hole present on the nut.

      The Applications of the Long-Nut are
      1.In Agricultural fields for joining two Pipes.
      2.In Heavy Machinery.
      3.Coal Mining.
      4.In building construction.
      5.In Marine.
      6.In Automotive and Transportation.