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    • Plastic C Washer

      C-WASHER SECW-12 ...

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      C-WASHER SECW-16 ...

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      C-WASHER SECW-20 ...

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      C-WASHER SECW-30 ...

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      Plastic C Washer

      A ‘C-Washer’ is a type of ‘Washer’ that is configured to move smoothly in and out of position on a bolt or a shaft in a partly completed assembly or can be used as holding the device on a grooved shaft to keep the parts in place. 

      The C-Washer is a thin plate C shaped structure used to distribute the load of a threaded screw or a nut. The structure of C washer is produced with an open slot for the inner diameter, making the washer to be the move in and out of the joint with loosening the joint – not entirely unbolting it.

      C washers can easily clear the load as they can be inserted, readjusted or replaced from the workpiece at any time. Similarly, the Swing C washer can be attached and then swung out of the way for better clear loading. Both the C washers and Swing C washers come in various thickness, inner diameters and elements to fit various ranges of bolt sizes of and widely supporting the nuts.

      Features of C Washers are

      1.It has Precision Machined Surface.

      2.Fabricated out of Solid steel – extra thick for strength and durability.

      3.Easily assembled & disassembled without taking the joint apart.

      4.It is heat treated steel with hardness of 40 to 45 HRC

      5.It has a Black oxide finish.   

      Applications of C washers are

      1.In Machinery.

      2.Power generation.

      3.Power Transmission.

      4.In most of clamping systems.

      5.In general Industrial applications in combination with Nuts and bolts.