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    • Tee Nuts

      T Nut M12 SIZE 14 ...

      $54.00        $58.00

      T Nut M12 SIZE 16 ...

      $63.00        $68.00

      T Nut M14 SIZE 16 ...

      $63.00        $68.00

      T Nut M12 SIZE 18 ...

      $85.00        $91.00

      T Nut M16 SIZE 18 ...

      $85.00        $91.00

      T Nut M16 SIZE 20 ...

      $112.00        $120.00

      T Nut M16 SIZE 22 ...

      $53.00        $57.00

      T Nut M20 SIZE 22 ...

      $53.00        $57.00

      T Nut M20 SIZE 24 ...

      $83.00        $89.00

      T Nut M24 SIZE 28 ...

      $101.00        $109.00

      T Nut M24 SIZE 36 ...

      $184.00        $198.00

      T Nut M30 SIZE 36 ...

      $184.00        $198.00


      Tee Nuts

      A ‘T-Nut’ or ‘Tee-Nut’ is a type of ‘Fastener’ or Nut with a ‘Flange’ on one side. These thin nuts are finely threaded internally with a flat flange at one end make the fastener a ‘T-shape.’ The basic structure of this nut has three or four pointed, slightly curved hooks on the inner side of that flange which makes the design to claw perfectly into the wood surface or holding the material pieces together and grasp the nut strongly in place.

      The T-Nuts are available in various sizes, such as from ¼ inches and 5/16 inches in diameters. They are also available in different material compositions, but the most common is ‘Stainless Steel’ with ‘Zinc’ Plated.

      These T-nuts are specially designed to prevent the cracks and separation that could surely damage the wood during the fixing of fasteners.  Before fixing a nut, a hole of the same size is made of the wood of the diameter of the nut using wood drill bits. The Tee nut is fixed to it and the sharp hook turns into the wood and locks on, giving a firm hold.

      The Advantages of T-Nuts are

      1.The sharp Prongs provide increased push out resistance.

      2.The Heavier gauge steel provides greater strength and pulls through resistance.

      3.Available in both large bases to small bases sizes, 1/4'' and 6mm.

      4.Made of steel with Zinc Plated gives longer durability. 

      The Applications of T-Nuts are

      1.In fixing of music system speakers.

      2.In fixing Beds and Chairs.

      3.In Wheels and Casters.

      4.In thePly wood doors and window fixtures.