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    • Clamping Tools

      Cast Iron Angle Plates Plain ...

      $22.00        $65.00

      Tool Makers Parallel Clamp 2 ...

      $21.00        $42.00

      Sliding Warming Table 600x15 ...

      $188.00        $303.00

      Tilting and Swiveling Machin ...

      $392.00        $585.00

      G Clamp Throat Depth 75 mm ...

      $12.00        $17.00

      NDV-150 Drill Vice ...

      $86.00        $107.00

      Fixed Base Self Centering Vi ...

      $83.00        $125.00

      Toggle Clamp Push Pull Actio ...

      $18.00        $22.00

      Tool Maker Parallel Clamp 50 ...

      $20.00        $40.00

      Spare Knurls 3/4x3/8x1/4 Inc ...

      $13.00        $30.00

      Universal Rotary Milling Tab ...

      $194.00        $269.00

      Hand Vice 4 Inch ...

      $4.00        $5.00

      Cast Iron Angle Plates open ...

      $14.00        $35.00

      Toggle Clamp Vertical Handle ...

      $10.00        $12.00


      Clamping Tools

      A “Clamp” is a mechanical fastening tool specially used to Clasp or secure materials, tightly to avoid movement when an inward pressure is applied during work. The material is placed temporarily on a Clamp work is done on it. It is generally made up of Cast Iron or Steel which provides the greatest strength to the Clamp.

      There are many types of Clamping style tools, some of them are

      Mitre clamp.
      Spring clamp,
      One-handed bar clamps,
      Ratchet-action band clamp,
      Bar clamps
      Hand screws.
      Deep-throat bar clamp,
      Pipe clamps.

      Some of the Advantages are

      It has perfect grip and hold tightly the object.
      It has an adjustable lever, can be adjusted as per need.
      It is simple, portable and easy to store.
      No friction or slip, which may cause damage to the workpiece material.

      Some of the Applications are

      In carpentry works.
      Metal finishing works.
      In welding the metals.
      In furniture making.
      Construction work.
      In Wood works.