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      Black Decker KS900EKX 600 Ji ...

      $101.00        $113.00

      Makita MLT100 4300 RPM Table ...

      $813.00        $913.00

      Bosch GST 65E Jig Saw ...

      $118.00        $140.00

      Dewalt DW713 Single Bevel Mi ...

      $536.00        $630.00

      Makita LS1045 4600 RPM Saw ...

      $663.00        $780.00

      Dewalt DW349-IN 500 W Jigsaw ...

      $144.00        $160.00

      Bosch GKS190 5500 RPM Saw ...

      $183.00        $203.00

      Cumi CWS 190 E 1200 W Circul ...

      $125.00        $136.00

      SKIL 5301 1300 W Circular Sa ...

      $106.00        $115.00

      Bosch GST 25 M 670W Jig Saw ...

      $325.00        $353.00



      A “Saw” or “Abrasive Saw”, also known as cutoff saw is a ‘Power tool’ which is commonly used to cut wood, metal sheets, tile and concrete. The Saw is typically run by power with abrasive disc or blade mounted on a rotating motor axle. The saws are available in various models like, free hand, table top, and walk behind. Abrasive saw blades use several types of abrasive grains like Aluminum oxide, Silicon carbide, Cubic boron nitride (CBN) and metals like Carbon steel, Tungsten carbide-tipped blades.


      No more physical labour, hard work, saves energy and time.
      Cuts almost anything within short time.
      It cuts perfectly, smoothly with no uneven surfaces.
      It has many safety features with speed control.
      Has a narrow, sharp blade that reduces the wastage of the material.


      In cutting metal, woods, tiles, stones etc.
      All kind of masonry and construction works.
      In metal workshops and machine shops.
      Used in plumbing works, design works.
      In wooden and furniture works.