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    • Angle Grinders

      Angle Grinder 100MM 860W ...

      $68.00        $83.00

      Angle Grinder 100MM HS3018 ...

      $71.00        $87.00

      Angle Grinder 100MM HS3023 ...

      $75.00        $92.00


      Angle Grinders

      An “Angle Grinder”, also known as ‘Disc Grinder’, is a hand-held ‘Power tool’ used that runs on Electricity. It is powered by an Electric motor which drives a geared head at ninety degrees on which is placed cutting blade or a thinner cut off disc which can be easily replaced when worn. It has an adjustable guard and a one side-handle for two-handed operation. Angle Grinder work by rotating a small disc at a very high speed from 7,000 to 11,000 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) to polish, grind or cut. Benefits of Angle Grinder It requires less effort for cutting and polishing. It generates less heat. Work can be completed within less time and thus saving money. They give a better-finished surface. Easy to handle, and blades can be replaced easily. Uses Metal cutting and grinding. Metal cleaning and Polishing. In cutting stone, Tile, steel and concrete. In Construction, as well as in emergency rescue operations. Commonly used in Automobile garages and service workshops.