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    • Brass Plugs

      2 Forged Steel HEX HEAD PLUG ...

      $13.00        $14.00

      Plug M63x1.5 Brass EC-7012-3 ...

      $200.00        $222.00

      Plug M40x1.5 Brass EC-7012-1 ...

      $160.00        $200.00


      $8.00        $9.00


      Brass Plugs

      Plugs are used as obstructions or blockers in pipes or channels to control unecessary flow of fluids or gases. These are components used to prevent or seal unnecessary flow of liquids and gases in an application. The can be metallic and Plastic depending on the nature of the application.

      The ‘Brass Pipe Plug’ is made of high quality raw brass material for higher strength, better durability, lead-free and corrosion resistant. These Plugs are able to handle higher pressure applications and temperature. It features a hexagonal head and male thread end. The threaded pipe plug fitting with male thread ends is used to close the end of a pipe having female threads. These plugs are recommended for use with brass, copper or iron pipe for creating a seal and close off pipe ends in oil and natural gas, water and airlines, gasoline, vacuum and grease.

      The Brass plugs are used as stopper to the end of a pipe or a pipe fitting that has a female thread. The Pipe Plugs are generally made of Cast Iron, Brass and Malleable Iron. Commonly four-sided or squared head countersunk head Plug is used for smaller size; a hexagonal head Plug is used for the larger sizes. The normal sizes of Plug range from 1/8th inch to 12 inches, included.

      These Plugs give are machined to a remarkable tolerance level, with firm threads for increased strength that prevents from leakage, entry of air, moisture and dirt particles.

      The Advantages Of Plugs

      It is a replaceable plug with no leakage.
      It is available in Various sizes to fit pipe ends.
      It is lightweight, greater performance and higher durability.
      It Easily withstands high pressure.

      Applications Of the Plugs

      In food and Beverage industry.
      In Agricultural land irrigation.
      At Petroleum processing.
      For temporary or permanent flow stoppage.
      For Residential applications.