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    • Clutch Plate

      Clutch Spring Kit 3 Lever 9 ...

      $9.00        $10.00

      Clutch Pressure Plate ...

      $11.00        $12.00

      Clutch Plate OEM Size High Q ...

      $119.00        $125.00


      A multiple or several driver member stacked with driven members, to engage or disengage transmission of power/torque from a driving shaft to driven shaft. Clutch plates are used in transmission of power and helps in engaging ,disengaging the power. Clutch plates if interwoven , can be made robust and can be termed as multi clutch plate.

      Advantages Of The Clutch Plates

      It has the less fuel consumption.
      It is light weight and needs less cooling oil supply.
      It is Easy to operate.
      It generates low heat and has long life duty.

      Applications Of the Clutch Plates

      It is used in Automobiles.
      It is used in industrial Applications.
      It is used in Railway Engines.