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    • U Drills

      14 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      14.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      15 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      15.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      16 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      16.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      17 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      17.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      18 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      18.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      19 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      19.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $60.00        $86.00

      20 MM U DRILL ...

      $64.00        $91.00

      21 MM U DRIILL ...

      $67.00        $96.00

      21.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $69.00        $98.00

      22 MM U DERILL ...

      $70.00        $100.00

      20.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $66.00        $94.00

      22.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $72.00        $103.00

      23 MM U DRILL ...

      $74.00        $106.00

      23.5 MM U DRILL ...

      $75.00        $107.00


      U Drills

      U Drills are used to make deeper holes through repeated axial cuts. U drill is a indexable Plunge drill used to roughing out cavities, It makes a deeper hole or cavity through axial cuts. Plunge drilling is used for roughing out cavities through several axial cuts, U drill is very useful here. U drill can be used for General drilling from 0.3mm to 110mm and even if specially designed, they can also be used for Micro Holes with appropriate coolant volume and pressure which aids the life of the drill, Micro holes can range up to 2.95mm and depth up to 12dc. A drill is made of shank, body and a point.

      The ‘Machine Drilling’ is one of the most complicated processes. A Drilling is a process of cutting the solid material by using a drill bit to cut a hole of circular cross-sectional. The propulsive force caused by the feeding motion first expels scrap metal under the chisel edge. Then it starts to tear the metal in desired geometry under the action of a negative rake angle tool.

      A drilling activity along the drill tip is like to that in another machining process. The variable rake angle and angle of inclination of drills makes differences in cutting action at different radii on the cutting end.

      A hole-drilling operation reveals some of the important machine settings. The depth of the cut in the material chip, the width of the chip hole is equal to the length of the drill tip, which totally depends on the drill bit size and point angle. Once the drill is engaged in material piece, there is continuous contact until the drill cuts through the bottom of the piece or it is taken away from the drill bit. In general, the drilling is like to turning and is unlike milling. During the prolonged cutting, the constant forces and heat may be expected soon after contact between the drill bit and the material piece.    

      The ‘Drilling Speed’ may be defined as the rate at which the point on a circumference on a drill will rotate in one minute. The life of a drill bit is determined by the cutting speed. A drill, which is rotating at a faster speed makes the cutting tip blunt. If the cutting speed is very slow, the drill might get cracked.

      The features of U Drills are

      It has constant drilling performance and speed meeting.
      Ideal for manufacturing metal parts.
      Easily replaceable drill bit available with rust resistant, zinc plating for common use.
      The highest drill point capacity is 0.500’’
      Safe and secure fit on screwdriver bit.
      U-Drills give the best quality and stability with controlled design.
      The inserts can be changed between the center and peripheral edges.

      The Advantages Of The U Drills

      Efficient with high metal removal Rate.
      Cuts through the toughest metals.
      Produces minimal noise and less heat.
      High tensile strength with unbreakable at high-speed.
      Can he drilled from small hole (mm) to larger hole (inches).

      The Applications Of the U Drills

      It is Widely used to drill or make holes in metals.
      In designing some metal crafts.
      In Making holes in wood and thick metal sheets.
      It is used in the Special type of drills for wall drilling.