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      Hex Nuts

      Hex Nuts are needed to secure bolts, can be torqued using a wrench. A nut is needed to fasten a Bolt, that is the key difference between Bolt and Nuts. Nut which can be torqued through their Hexagonal shaped BODY is a hex nut.

      Advantages of Hex Nuts

      They are available at very reasonable prices.
      Because of its six-sided head, it can be easily grabbed at any angle and fastened.
      It has higher tensile strength that is capable of taking higher loads.
      It is relatively cheap, available in various sizes.
      It can be fastened using any simple hand tool.

      Applications Of Hex Nuts

      It is used in Residential Applications.
      In automotive assembling
      In Industrial machinery installations.
      In Aerospace ship designing to all mechanical hardware’s