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      Clutch Spring Kit 3 Lever 9 ...

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      The automotive business is a vast range of companies and firms involved in the process of the following things

      1. Design.
      2. Development.
      3. Manufacturing.
      4. Marketing.
      5. Selling of motor vehicles. some of them are called automakers.

      Components which help in the operation of an automotive system, may it be Transmission, Power-train, Closure systems or Interiors are Automotive components, they can be modules, assembly or individual components of steel, Plastic or Composites.

      It is one of the global/world most important economic area/category by income. The automotive business does not include industries committed/exclusive to the maintenance of automobiles following delivery to the final-user such as automobile repair shops and motor refilling stations.

      There are various benefits of the Automotive. Some of the Benefits are

      1. It (Automotive) has excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals such as Acids.
      2. It is perfect to use in Batteries.
      3. Modifiable.
      4. Bonding Characteristics.
      5. It can be produced in the required colors.

      The Some of the Applications of the Automotive Industry are

      1. Sound Damping.
      2. It can be used to control the Vibration.
      3. The Reinforcement of belts and hoses.
      4. For Improving the performance of tires.
      5. For the Safety Purposes like airbags and safety belts.
      6. For the Heat Insulation Purpose.
      7. In Oil and Air Filters.
      8. In Central body control.
      9. In Electic Power Steering.
      10. In Braking System, Seat Control, Keyless Entry.